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The Real Estate market in Florida is quite dynamic. Working with certified agents who know the area is key to succeed in a transaction. Lama Group has licensed Real Estate Agents. They understand the needs and goals of each client and work toward achieving them through smooth transactions.

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Many people are seeking to invest in Miami but do not know the market, the areas and the opportunities. Therefore, depending on the aversity to the risk, deadlines and budget we suggest and help investors find the best oportinity in a wide range from a property to lease to a business that could even allow you to obtain a visa to live in the US.

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LAMA GROUP is a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in relocation processes in Miami as well as in other destinations.

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An International transfer is a long process that involves many decisions, paper work and the remembering of a number of details. Upon your arrival to Miami, LAMA GROUP becomes your point of contact and assist you during the arrival process. We are certain that with...


Familiarization   Understand your destination and be informed is key for the executive and the family transfer to be successful. Most people coordinate a preliminary familiarization trip to obtain an overview of the new city, which is relevant to make the right...


Lama Group provides a customized service, assisting you to close most pending housing related issues in Miami. Example of this are: Assisting with the cancelation of the lease. Closing of accounts such electricity, wáter, internet, Tv, etc. Cierre o cambio de...


Every person who moves to Miami needs a Visa or legal assistance with immigration to assure a smooth relocation. In order to make the process as expedite as possible and avoid unnecessary expenditures, Lama group seeks the expertise of specialists who handle the...

School Search

In families with children, many decisions spin around their needs. We understand that choosing the right school is fundamental for the transfer to succeed. We offer information about the education system, its different alternatives and availability in the South of...

Home Search

During the relocation process, finding a place to live is a step that generate a lot of excitement, but could be very frustrating as well. LAMA GROUP actively participates in the search of a seeking a home, either to buy or lease. During this stage we: Advise in the...


We have professionals with experience international, and a deep knowledge of South Florida.

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