An International transfer is a long process that involves many decisions, paper work and the remembering of a number of details. Upon your arrival to Miami, LAMA GROUP becomes your point of contact and assist you during the arrival process. We are certain that with the information we offer and the effective support we provide, your relocation experience may as well be exiting and smooth.

We have experienced the process ourselves and we focus on pulling all the threads together in this final stage of the relocation. We make it as fast as possible and overcoming distractions in order to minimize the impact that the move causes in the family and individual daily routine.

Among the services we provide are:

  • We help you find a temporary or seasonal place in case it is needed before settling.
  • If required, we assist you with renting furniture
  • We help set up public services such electricity, internet and TV.
  • We offer support hiring domestic help such as yard, pool and cleaning services.
  • We offer a guided tour of the area to become familiar with main supplier and basic services such as local grocery store, hospitals, and recreational áreas.
  • We contact you with expats groups or people who reside in Miami for you to have an easier start, we take it personal.
  • Assist you to open a Bank account.
  • Assist you to obtain your driving license,
  • Assist you to get your Social Security Number in the case.