LAMA GROUP is a team of professionals with over 10 years’ experience in relocation processes in Miami as well as in other destinations. LAMA GROUP provides logistics support to relocated executives and their families throughout the complete process.

The success of an international executive relies not only in his or her professional abilities and work performance, but also on the integration and adaptation of the entire family to the new social and cultural surroundings. It is known that the happiness of the family members is key for the professional to achieve his goals in his new position. LAMA GROUP offers customized relocation packages for companies and individuals, which considers the whole family needs to help them settle smoothly in the new city.

Globalization has caused the work industry as well as the dynamics between employee and employer to change. Nowadays the activities of most companies are not only local based. They want to position themselves in bigger markets and have presence where they see greater opportunities of growth. therefore, relocating their executives or offices to the targeted economy is a need in these days for expanding business.

En este proceso, el 69% de los profesionales lleva consigo a su familia, y de acuerdo al informe “Tendencias Globales de Movilidad Internacional”, elaborado por CIGNA, en colaboración con  The National Foreign Trade Council, el servicio más valorado por las personas que comienzan una asignación es la reubicación – así lo afirma un 60% de los encuestados.

Our goal is to facilitate the transition for all family members, supporting them in all phases from finding a home, to choosing schools, familiarization with the area and documentation.


Understanding your destination and being informed is key for the executive and the family transfer to be successful. Most people coordinate a preliminary familiarization trip to obtain an overview of the new city, which is relevant to make the right decisions. In this stage we help clients to understand the essence of different neighborhoods to then better choose a house, schools and a lifestyle.

Our goal is to comprehend the customer requirements and specific needs. Based on this we can show and propose the most suitable areas, explain the main characteristic of the neighborhood as well as the advantages and attractions that it offers. Discussing the future family dynamics, such as school options, transportation, club memberships, etc, are important details that should be talked through for the transfer to be successful. This process can last few hours or few days, depending on the depth of service chosen.

To assist in the process of familiarization with the new city, we provide services such:


Summary of the most suitable areas to live according to the needs of the family.


Overview of the education system and school options within the area chosen.


Description of the real estate market and housing alternatives.


General outlook to the touristic areas, entertainments and services of the town.


Localization of the main emergency and governmental offices such police and Fire units.

Home Search

During the relocation process, finding a place to live is a step that generate a lot of excitement, but could be very frustrating as well.

LAMA GROUP actively participates in the search of a seeking a home, either to buy or lease.

During this stage we:


Advise in the best suitable areas to live according to the specific needs, budget and lifestyle.


Negotiate the contract.


Provide information regarding inventory of properties available at the time.


Document the reception of the property in a walk through.


Schedule visits to see the properties selected.

School Search

In families with children, many decisions spin around their needs. We understand that choosing the right school is fundamental for the transfer to succeed. We offer information about the education system, its different alternatives and availability in the South of Florida area to help you choose the one that best fits the children interests and academic expectations.


We help identify alternatives of private or public schools.


We provide detail information on each of the schools selected as a potential option for your family needs.


We coordinate school tours or visits, and when posible we arrange a pre-meeting with school staff to start application process.


We assist you during the application and admission process


Facilitate the registration process and to turn in documentation when needed.


An International transfer is a long process that involves many decisions, paper work and the remembering of a number of details. Upon your arrival to Miami, LAMA GROUP becomes your point of contact and assist you during the arrival process. We are certain that with the information we offer and the effective support we provide, your relocation experience may as well be exiting and smooth.

We have experienced the process ourselves and we focus on pulling all the threads together in this final stage of the relocation. We make it as fast as possible and overcoming distractions in order to minimize the impact that the move causes in the family and individual daily routine.

Among the services we provide are:


We help you find a temporary or seasonal place in case it is needed before settling.


If required, we assist you with renting furniture.

Services for the home

We help set up public services such electricity, internet and TV.


We offer support hiring domestic help such as yard, pool and cleaning services.

Guides Tours

We offer a guided tour of the area to become familiar with main supplier and basic services such as local grocery store, hospitals, and recreational áreas.

Social Security

Assist you to get your Social Security Number in the case.


Assist you to open a Bank account.

Driving License

Assist you to obtain your driving license.


Lama Group provides a customized service, assisting you to close most pending housing related issues in Miami.

Example of this are:


Assisting with the cancelation of the lease.


Contact you and getting quotes for shipping companies for national or international moves.



Assisting with the cancelation of the lease.



Closing of accounts such electricity, wáter, internet, Tv, etc.



Close or change of postal address.


Every person who moves to Miami needs a Visa or legal assistance with immigration to assure a smooth relocation.

At Lama Group we help you find the best solution for your immigration needs, whether it is helping you find an investment opportunity that allows you to legally live in the USA or another of the many options you have to obtain a Visa.

In order to make the process as expedite as possible and avoid unnecessary expenses, Lama group seeks the expertise of specialists who handle the immigration process, gather the required information and do the paperwork to obtain the visa.

If needed, we assist with translations of all paper work through hiring certified interpreters or translators. We keep continuous communication to have you informed of the process and deadlines.

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