If you own property in Miami we are here to help manage it or prepare it for your enjoyment… Please change it or delete it.


Many people are seeking to invest in Miami but do not know the market, the areas and the opportunities. Therefore, depending on the aversity to the risk, deadlines and budget we suggest and help investors find a property, whether it is to lease or to flip.

There are several neighborhoods in development that will have a better appreciation in the future, other areas that are more conservatives yet stable in time and with higher demand to lease. We also offer property management services after you have executed a purchase of a property, to maximize the gains and value of your investment.


This department focuses on investors whose goal is to buy companies or businesses. For those who want to generate employment and stablish an entrepreneur relationship with The U.S.A. We search opportunities available, some of the include the real estate and some is just the business.

For those foreign companies that would like to expand their operations to Miami, FL, we find the right office space or warehouse from where to operate, with medium and long term lease contracts. For this purpose a vast knowledge and understanding of the different zoning in Miami is key.


Banking Services

Lama Group assist you with bank matters that are necesary to make your relocation a total success.

Among our services, you will find the opening of a bank account, contacting you with Morgage brokers who would help you obtain your mortgage , gathering and translations of documents, and everything that you need to make all issues related to banking easy upon your arrival.

CPA services


Investments in the USA also bring along a tax responsibility. This is very important to understand to the detail, therefore and in order to facilitate this burden, Lama Group offers the best CPA’s to work with you and keep your business protected.


We help you create a company, whenever necessary, and through experts we assess the best type of company to create for every specific case. On top of that we assist with paperwork translations and recollection of documents and information that is key to open your company here.