Understand your destination and be informed is key for the executive and the family transfer to be successful. Most people coordinate a preliminary familiarization trip to obtain an overview of the new city, which is relevant to make the right decisions. In this stage we help clients to understand the essence of different neighborhoods to then better choose a house, schools and a lifestyle.

Our goal is to comprehend the customer tastes and specific needs. Based on this we can show and propose the most suitable areas, explain the main characteristic of the neighborhood as well as the advantages and attractions that it offers. This is a good way to get to know the environment and culture of the area you might want to live in. Discussing the future family dynamics, such as school options, transportation, club memberships, etc, are important details that should be talked through for the transfer to be successful. This process can last few hours or few days, depending on the depth of service chosen.


To assist in the process of familiarization with the new city, we provide services such:

  • Summary of the most suitable areas to live according to the needs of the family.
  • Overview of the education system and school options within the area chosen.
  • Description of the real estate market and housing alternatives.
  • Review of the health system, providers and how to apply to their programs.
  • General outlook to the touristic areas, entertainments and services of the toen.
  • Localization of the main emergency and governmental offices such police and Fire units.